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Plumbing accessories

The water and sanitation system is used everywhere now a days to do daily chores either it is residential or commercial place. To have good plumbing system it is important to have plumbing accessories and tools of good quality. The plumbing system a person install at his place should be checked appropriately to reduce the chances of blockage or drainage problems. The direct whole sale is dealing with electrical consumables and in plumbing tools and accessories.


Here Products are divided into different categories with their specifications and features. Plumbing tools are in many shapes and types. Plumbing supplies may include T-shape pipes, cross types, reducers, coupling pipes, caps, adaptors, DWV fittings, unions, plugs, olets and many others. These ranges covers the need of their customers at the time of replacing the old ones.The range is suitable in both old and new plumbing systems.



Plumbing accessories available at direct wholesale includes the following:

  • Joints used for fitting pipes are of different shapes and types like coupling, union, elbow, diverter tee, plug, barb, cap, cross, nipple, reducer, valves and many more.
  • End feed fittings.
  • Compression fittings and welding.
  • Drainers and blockers for cleaning are categorized in different fitting set ups e.g sweep elbow fittings, slip joint fittings, closet flange, comb tee, baffle tee, sanitary tee etc.
  • Hydraulic fittings.
  • Flare and flange fittings.
  • Mechanical fittings
  • Ventilation and extraction fans.
  • Waste traps and toilet spares.
  • Moist absorbers.
  • Crimped or compressed fittings.



These plumbing accessories are made up of brass, copper, PVC, iron etc. In direct whole sale the customer is facilitated with the customer care service for any query. Customer services includes online support delivery, return policy, terms and conditions, information of the product available there and security privacy issues. The difficulty in selection of tool become easy with their help. Customers can ask them for plumbing settings what they need. As we know the pipe fittings and these accessories are essential for every plumber’s bag, the direct wholesale make things easy to shop online. Few of the plumbing items on our site are named as:

  1. Vacuum Breaker to Suit 15mm Hose Cocks Brass
  2. Tap Top Assembly Wall Economy Chrome Plated (PR)
  3. Vacuum Breaker To Suit 20mm Hose Cocks Brass
  4. Tap Top Assembly Tee Handle 15mm Rough Brass
  5. Hose Cock Tee Handle FI 15mm Rough Brass
  6. Mini Cistern Cock 1/4 Turn Chrome Plated


We are proud that we give our customers a good quality ranges of product from push fit, end feet, solder ring and all other plumbing accessories under one roof. They can renovate and repair their bathrooms, home kitchen, office or shop toilets etc. Here we guaranteed long lasting results by associating us with famous and well known manufacturers of the market who always give a quality product to the wholesale markets.


Visiting at direct wholesale’s full selection will definitely going to help you and make you shop online with easy delivery and payment procedures.
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Different types of recycled building material

Using recycled building materials has become a very respectable thing to do in recent times but for some it remains unexplored territory. Regardless of the recent propensity for academic research to promote recycling and upcycling, builders, contractors and aggregate suppliers are sceptical about the practice as it is a fairly new concept. Here are four recycled materials you didn’t know about that are actually quite reliable and inventive:

1. Composite lumber

Composite lumber is a mixture that comprises an equal amount of recycled wood fibres and recycled plastic. The combination of the two materials makes the resulting material significantly tougher than pure plastic and it is impervious to rotting – unlike wood. The most valuable attribute of composite lumber is that it can be used to build anything one would typically use traditional wood for.

2. Recycled building sand

This is when construction and demolition waste is milled and reused as traditional building sand. In a study published in the Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, mortars were produced with different amounts of cement and the natural material was replaced with recycled aggregate in proportions of 50, 75 and 100 per cent. The findings showed that mortars with high amounts of recycled material were characterised as displaying superior strength and abrasion resistance. Recycled building materials are also cost-effective.

3. Plastic insulation

Imagine Think Pink but in this case it’s even more sustainable. Plastic insulation in your home can keep it cool during the summertime and warm during the winter. This form of insulation is designed to form air pockets which ensures high insulation performance.

4. Wine cork panels

These are wall or floor tiles that are made by combining granulated and whole recycled wine corks. The material is also a good insulator and can be used in almost any building. Luckily, wine corks aren’t in short supply seeing as the world consumes 24.2 billion litres of wine per year.

Look For An Expert Who Serves Irrespective Of The Time

Solving most of the plumbing issues require professional guidance and support which solves all the troubles. Look for the expert who visit the place immediately andoffer a helping hand in fixing all the troubles related to the plumbing systems.Even after using the advanced equipment during the construction there is a need fortimely maintenance to extend the life of the plumbing. Starting from the shower hoses till the faucets every particular require maintenance this isone way to enjoy every particular. Leaky faucets and plumbing systems create excess issues in the life and they even ruin the look and hygiene of the building.

In order to maintain everything perfectly, it is suggested to look for the cost-effective methods and professional support.The experts get updated with latest changes and serve every customer with a great care taking good care of all the plumbing issues.Even replacing the broken parts or correcting all the flaws becomes easy for the one whohire the expert after a thorough research:

  • The need of experts who offer proper services is seen in every aspect and many of us tend to gain the thorough support of the experts. The trained professionals never compromise in getting the services that satisfy all the needs and the convenient way to pickone expertis searching in a right way.
  • The ideal way to do a research for the experts is just by relying over the genuine online sources and locate an expert who satisfies all the needs.Enjoy the services by picking a licensed plumber whofollows particular standards while serving people.
  • The experienced team always satisfies all the needs and on request the experts offer same day services. Predicting the need of plumbers is not easy and no one can suspecta leakage in pipe or cracks in the plumbing system.
  • A few things happen all of a sudden and requires excess attention and there are priority plumbers who serve according to the need. The emergency plumbers understand the severity of the issue and offer services thatfixes all the plumbing issues.
  • Advancement is seen in every field and plumbing has no exception. In order to soften the water or purify them along with offering servicesthat fixes all the plumbing needs trained professionals started followingadvanced techniques.Pickan expert who attends the needimmediately andone who owe better experience in handling the latest equipmentas this is one amazing way to secure the plumbing system.

Look for the plumber who offers priority plumbing services which including replacing or repairing the equipment as well as plumbing system. Pickingone who offer 24/7 services,comforts every individual as this is one convenient to extend the life ofthe house.As it is only a professional plumber who can suggest in the right wayregarding the systems it is a must to seek the guidance of the experts and get enough support.So,look for the one who works for the convenience of the customers and offer the mind-blowing services as per the requirement.

Summary: When you are looking for reputed plumbers who workto serve people, according to the need then visit:

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