aircon repair

Extensive use of air conditioners due to increased heat

Global warming is an issue that has been causing severe climatic changes in countries all over the globe. The temperature has been soaring to new limits in several countries. Over the past few decades’ number of vehicles running on roads have increased tremendously causing pollution in the environment. Climatic changes are direct result of CO2 emission into atmosphere. Due to soaring temperatures people have started using air-cooling systems at home and office to get some respite from the scorching heat. Temperatures in Asian countries like India, Thailand, and Singapore etchave increased drastically in the past few years. It has become unavoidable for people to use cooling systems rampantly. Air conditioning systems help to cool air and control humidity in the environment. Maintenance of air conditioners is necessary to keep it running without causing troubles. There are several companies that are good at aircon repair. The repairing companies help in keep the machine in good condition. When an AC is installed at a location the company would provide free service to customer for a limited period depending on warranty regulations of the manufacturer. During this period technicians from the company would visit client premises and provide service. After expiry of warranty contract clients can either go for extended warranty or call technicians when some problem arises.

Normal and chemical washing process for aircon

Companies that are good at aircon chemical wash would provide customers with this service. There are several differences in a chemical wash and normal cleaning process of air conditioners. Normal wash would involve cleaning of parts with water and normal cleaning agents. In older system it would be better to do a chemical wash since it would clean rusted parts of the machine. They would dismantle it and clean filters and coils of the conditioner. There are several good aircon service promotion in singapore which people can opt for. These offers are valid for a limited time period and would require to be utilized within that time frame. The discounts are attractive and people do advance booking for their service requirements. The coupons would require being printed and presented while availing discount offers. Discount offers would vary during every promotional deal. Customers can subscribe for yearly contracts that would offer discounted prices too. Discounts on other products would be available if subscribed for one package. Benefits of servicing would be visible in the products with their increased cooling efficiency and performance. Regular servicing increases life span of aircon.

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