How to Find Cheap Domestic Flights in Spain

Property rentals have boomed in recent years, and now you can also take advantage of low-cost flights to visit Spain’s many impressive cities.

From Barcelona to Tenerife, Madrid to Malaga, Spain is home to many must-see cities. Once you arrive in this Iberian country, you’ll want to experience its diverse regions, including the green hills of Asturias and the sun-scorched land of Andalusia. While the national railway, RENFE, boasts a few routes with high-speed trains, or you can use the Alsa bus company for a cheap way to experience all Spain has to offer, low-cost flights prove the quickest and least expensive option for exploring the country.

  • Begin your search online with Spanish low-cost airlines Spanair, Vueling and Air Europa. All three connect major cities, including Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Ibiza.
  • Consult other discount companies like the United Kingdom’s Ryanair and EasyJet, two of the top low-cost airlines in Europe. Both operate frequent flights from a number of locations in Spain.
  • Don’t write off the country’s largest airline simply because it’s not low-cost. Iberia offers domestic flights for less than 30 Euros (about $40) each way plus a convenient traveling experience as it operates from major airports and presents customers with more amenities.
  • Compare the deals you’ve found on the airlines’ sites with the offers at booking companies such as Rumbo and LastMinute, which compile options and prices, including those for train travel.
  • Verify that you’re not missing out on any additional discounts by calling the airline directly, but make sure you are not calling a premium line.


  • Book your flight in advance to help ensure the best possible price. If you do not mind being in a middle seat, do not take up the option of choosing your sear as this will probably cost you extra.
  • Avoid traveling on Spain’s frequent holiday weekends, when airfares can increase significantly.
  • Discount airlines limit your amenities, including baggage allowances, so when traveling with multiple or large suitcases, it may be more economical to fly with a regular, rather than low-cost, company.
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