What are the Different Types of Locks Available

These days, all members of most of the family stay out the whole day and only return in the evening. Children are off to school and the adults are off to work. In such scenarios, the security of the house one owns is a million dollar question which means a great deal. Securing houses from burglary, theft and break in’s is a basic priority that majority of the population has. After all, burglars and robbers only need a chance to make a move.

The most primitive form of security that has been available to people since time immemorial is the good old’ lock and key. Sure, the advancements in technology have introduced more stricter and fool-proof lock and key systems; however, the basic lock and key never fail.

When going out to get the right lock and key as per your requirement, one should always be careful of rip-offs and cheap locks that might cost you some day. Also, you need to take a note of what types of locks are out there in the market that fits your needs. Some of these have been outlined about below: –


These are completely external pieces that aren’t attached to the doors or the walls and hence, breaking down walls or door won’t help the intruders. There is a range of padlocks available in the market of different sizes and in various tensile strengths. Padlocks available in the market may be accessed via a key or a combination. Even the combination locks come in two variables, keyable and non-keyable. The padlocks can be used to not only secure homes and offices, but bags, cases and bicycles too.


Deadbolts are increasingly becoming popular among households as a modernistic approach to using the traditional lock and keys. They are installed primarily on doors and are available in three types- single thumbturn, double thumbturn, and lockable thumbturn. The only disadvantage that deadbolts face is that they need to be unlocked with a key if it has been locked form the inside, which can be pretty dangerous in emergencies.

Knob locks

These are found primarily on doors inside the house, rather than an external door. It is never to be used for external doors as the knob can easy be broken with a hammer or a stone and can be broken in pretty easily.

Lever handle locks

Lever handle locks pose the same problem as knob locks do; however, they open much easily than the knob locks. Some lock manufacturers even customize the locks for left handed people so no one faces difficulty pushing the lever.

Cam locks

These too, find the application on internal subjects like cabinets, cupboards, etc. there is a huge variety of cam locks available in the market which can either be rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Jimmy proof deadbolts

A variant of the deadbolt type of locks, the jimmy-proof deadbolt are generally found on the main door of apartments. They are installed in such a way that the connection between wall and door is locked. A very strong alternative, they are pretty hard to break in.

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